Apple is one of the largest technology and consumers electronics companies in the world. It manufactures personal computers, mobile phone products, music listening devices and computer software among other products. It most famous personal computer is Mac personal computer and iPhone in its mobile phone category. In media player category, the iPod is its most successful product. Mac Operating System is the primary operating system for Apple personal computers. For its mobile operating system, iMac is the main operating system. Apple has successfully sold more than 1 billion devices in the world since its inception. It was founded by visionary Steve Jobs in 1976 along with Steve Wozniak. Today Apple, as a company, is known for its multi-billion dollar revenues and success it has enjoyed with its products. Its market capitalization has crossed $1 trillion mark. The company enjoys brand loyalty from its consumers. Apple competes with other technology companies also. Appleā€™s main competitor in personal computers market is Microsoft and Samsung and other mobile phone manufacturers in mobile phone market. The most successful mobile phone from Apple was iPhone, which was launched in 2007 and since then, the company has released different versions of iPhone. The most recent is iPhone XS Max.


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