What is 3up & 2 Down 

3up and 2 down are the formula to play a game,3up means a three digit numbers selected for lottery to play for the game and same like 2 down means a two digit numbers selected to play for the game. here below are the description how to play the games:


3up digits

Here the winning number is taken from the last 3 digits of original 6 number first prize winner Examples:  prize winner is 987654 then the winning number for the pick 3 last numbers of lottery is 654 is selected as 3 up digits


2 down digit's

If you get the winning number for the second prize which is based on just straight two digits number which represents 2 down digits


Note : You cannot play a lottery game or any gambling online using this website. The above content is just for the information, discussion, results and sharing views with each other.

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